Cat’s World is…

Cat’s World is up and running again!

Go there to se what I’ve been up to.

Gung Hay Fat Choi

Party on my street!


I finally finished that beading tonight.

I’m sleepy and my eyes hurt but it’s done.

I will post pic this weekend once I have it totally finished.

Cross my palm…

with $115!

Yup that’s what the credentialing office told me today.

They won’t even look at my transcripts to tell me how long it will take to get credentialed in Adult Ed before I apply. Pay us first and then we will tell you, I don’t even know if I want the credential but I need to pay an application fee to find out if I want to how long it will take and if it’s worth it!


Boy, have I been busy!

The garden is going great.

Our apple tree has taken off…

The blueberry/strawberry pots are going well too…

Speaking of strawberries, remember all that repotting I did?

While the older plants aren’t looking as strong as the new ones they are far better than they were.

In other news…

I finally got that beading to work like I wanted it to…

Now if I could only get my camera to do the same!

Thank you to…

Green-Eyed Momster for giving me an award!

Now for the fun part, I get to share 7 things with you my dear readers, that I doubt you’ll know about me.

1) I went to school at a boarding convent.

2) My second toe is longer than my first.

3) I was a vegan for 5 years in my 20’s (I’m a veggie right now and that works better for me).

4) I was a tour manager for a band.

5) I used to work at both The Marquee Club in London and CBGB’s in New York.

6) The first book I read cover to cover was The Stranger by Camus.

7) My first husband taught himself to read Egyptian hieroglyphics.

And now to pick 7 of you, my dear readers to be recipients of this glorious award!

Oh gosh, where to begin?

Well frankly you are all recipients of this award as you all bring such treasures into my life!

Please take this award and if you choose, pass it along to those who inspire you!

Best wishes for a wonderfully “creativ” life,


I may be sick, but…

I pulled out my sketch book today and got down to business. I worked on my crosshatching and my shades of grey, and felt much better. I practiced my ball from memory, but will need a refresher on that before committing it to my sketchbook.

More work again tomorrow.

Today, I am unwell.

Got a horrid stuffy nose and a odd headache, took some meds still feel cruddy 😦

Got work tomorrow.

Tea on Tuesday!

Remember I used to do these a couple of years ago?

Well Artfully Ooglebloops seems to have been doing them too!

It was a great reminder to see them, maybe I will start serving tea on Tuesdays again.

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!

Well almost!

Tonight I went to a stamping display where we made…

Giftie card holders!

Now the guy rabbitted on about Starf*cks but that would have nothing to do with our wonderful local Tea Leaf & Coffee Bean store!

At any rate, I felt more at home making a tea gift card holder…

I thought it was cool, but not cool enough to fork out $25 for the kit!

Let’s be honest I have lots of tea stamps.

Just out of curiosity is anyone else in OWOH finding that a bunch of folks don’t leave any blog address?

I have politely requested this information from folks, but have received no replies.

Wondered if it was odd, that’s all!

Not all Moleskine is equal!

I have begun an online art class at Suzi Blu’s Les Petit Academy it looks like such fun!

I am so looking forward to getting going with the projects, right now I’m struggling with the first lesson.

It’s the math teacher in me that says things have to be precise 1×1 damn it, 1×1!

And then there was the supplies needed.

I pretty much have most things I need left over from a college art class I took a few years back except for a couple of pieces.

I found all but 1 item, the Moleskine journal when cruising my local stores, finally I made it to the large semi local art store.

Only to be told that it was “after the 19th and it should be unpacked within the week”.

I went home and ordered it on Amazon, and I got it within 2 days.

That said my time has been a little tight lately too, I was hoping to have time today, however, I then got a call to go in to work.

It was 7:30 and I needed to be there by 8!

I don’t know what they think we are made of these days, but whatever.

Anyway I’m working the next few days so I will not get going till Thursday at the earliest, unless I work on it at lunch.

I just can’t wait for longer days!

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