And so it grows!

The garden continues to entertain me.


Our mango tree is trying to produce fruit.

You need to let it flower or it will just keep trying and that takes away energy for growth.


The peach tree is doing much better.

We’ll try grafting again next spring, but we won’t get any plums from the graft  till at least 2011.


We planted some beans in the ground and some Blue Inca Corn that they can grow onto if they run out of trellis.


Our tomatoes are going great guns.


The sapote got a little frazzled in the heat, yet we have it in the ground now and it has some new growth.


The passion fruit vine is moving slower than expected, but “Oh well”.


Our Keffir Lime is kicking off, don’t know if we should let it fruit yet or hold off till next year.


The apple tree is doing fine.


The veggie patch is booming.


And now for some random flowers.


I had wanted to redo our baskets this year, we inherited some old ones, but without redoing the automatic watering system, baskets are a little impractical for a short ass like me. None the less here they are in all their wild abandon.


I got a new part!


Yes that’s right folks, just after I recommended imacs last night I got up this morning to a puter that would only wink at me when I poked it.

The answer: a new power supply!

That being said the mac store only charged me for parts, no labor, so it came in at under $100 so I shan’t complain. 

Been and gone.

Last week was busy, we had some house guests and work sent me to an ATC workshop, see the results here…


The pharaoh was made by ironing wax paper over the stamp before sponging the ink over the top.

The leaf was supposed to work it’s way into a spiral, but by that time I was running late so I cut some corners (if you’ll pardon the pun).

For the tree we had to write a haiku on the other side (see below).

And the last was a veggie for earth day, because of it’s appearance I titled this card “World Beet”.


Here are some of the ones I got to swap for (we made duplicate cards).


Here’s a wax paper and a haiku card,

and a veggie and a spiral card. 


We also made a flashing color card that I hated my results from and a marbled paper card that was great till I stamped over it.

In other news I went to Tucson this weekend and had a great time with some friends.

Managed to come back with a teacup…


I couldn’t resist.


I was from this great breakfast house called The Hungry Fox.


They shared a strip mall with a bar called The Kon Tiki.


It had a great bar tender and a curious clientele.

The good thing is that there is someone to keep them all in line!



Just a couple of quick shots….

Remember that peach tree whose sprouts were too little to focus on a couple of weeks ago?


I’m so happy.

And those beets I planted?


Yes I know I need to weed.

Added some more herbs to the collection…


Dill, thyme, lemon verbina and tarragon at the front.

Here’s a pic of my chocolate mint.


I have fantasies about making a tea of it and then making some hot chocolate with the tea, what do you think?

The columbines are so pretty.


I may have to get some other colors.

And we have been having some visitors…


Sadly the humming bird shot was too blurry (no surprises there).



And there was more…

I got bored waiting for my herb seeds to take off, it’s been weeks already and I figure the seeds may no longer be good (they were a number of years old). I picked up a few at OSH last night…


and some peppers!


This is a gifted crock necked squash from Fred.


A passion fruit vine that we won in a raffle.


With everything going on in the yard our green house has had it’s landscape reworked over the last few days.


Here’s a shot of Puppy wiring up our grape vines.


And the mango made it in the ground.


Here’s an update on the first pomegranate tree, we sprinkled some poppy seeds around it and they took off.

The second tree we still need to clear space for.


Spring break!

Sunday night we got our first cactus blooms of the season…

(Yes I know we still need to weed, but have you ever tried weeding a cactus full of crab grass?)


This was the same day that we visited our friends Tony and Joann for her birthday party and on the way back visited with Fred and Ariel in Rainbow (yes there’s a town in California called Rainbow and best of all they grow Avocados there). As well as loading us up with Avocados we were gifted with cherimoyas (similar to sapote, but different)


and oodles of grapefruit along with passion fruit fresh off of the vine.


In our gardening news Puppy has been busy with our “crop circle”.

Remember when I planted these guys a couple of weeks ago?


In went the tomatoes too…


Note those handy dandy terra cotta hose repellent designed to not let your hose crush your plants as you water the far side of the circle.

As you can imagine we are starting peas, and in anticipation he built a frame for them…


Our blueberries are beginning to plump up…


and the ladybugs continue to delight…


Yes folks, it’s been busy here, and I’m sure it will continue for a while, get ready for lot’s of luscious postings from the yard.

Being born


Pup keeps giving me shit…

Yup folks, we are just back from the manure joint!

Today we also picked up a white sapote


A Valencia pride mango


And an allspice tree


Incidentally, the white sapote was named Tree of the Week by The  LA Times today.

In other news our brugmansia is looking more like it should.


The hibiscus is in bloom…


Our roses continue to delight…


As does our wandering jew…


On the fruit front our limes are going for it…


And our grape vines are spreading…