So much has been going on!

First I’d like to thank Anna for her glorious gift…


Isn’t it delightful?


I love it!


And the best part of all…


It comes with a matching plate, however could it get better?


I found it’s little brother!

It’s a family affair!

In other news…


Our ginger bloomed…


As did somebody else,¬†and his iris buddy…


Puppy wants to take out the triangle palm…


and the surrounding brickwork to put in fruit trees and raised beds, I like the triangle palm, however I see his point (if we’re gonna water it…).

Speaking of watering…


We are prepping to collect rain water this winter, and yes those are feral traps we caught the mamma and got her fixed, but the kittens scattered and the boys haven’t been by in a while.

Also on the saving water effort this is on our shopping list in the near future…


Lets you flush with recycled water from washing your hands.

I really like it.

We have continued to preserve food…


These are some of our sweet tomatoes before dehydration…


and after. The “chips” are really tasty almost like candy.

I’m thinking it’s about time I made another list, just for the fun of it.

The kitchen will hopefully be finished by thanksgiving, however I do need to stay on track with that, and then these the floors in the back of the house and the general bathroom revamp. Lots of little things to list.

Finally, before I forget there’s a great give away going on over at The Fifty Factor!

Clock Photo Giveaway

I will let them give you the details on The Time and Money Giveaway.

Best wishes, y’all!