The month in review…

It has been a crazy month, but crazy in a good way!

Health wise, I was “released” from physical therapy from my ankle injury (just in time for my dance class to be canceled).

I passed my mammogram first time (historically this has been a nerve wracking experience for me).

My 100 day cough passed and I’m feeling way better.

Art wise, this has been interesting, I haven’t got as much going as I would like, but more of that in tomorrows post.

Garden wise, “stand back, it’s going to explode” is how I feel right now.

Kitchen wise I made Back Yard Lime Marmalade a wile back.

Yesterday’s bread came out more like pumpernickel than whole wheat bread, but still tasty.

Today made some blackberry, strawberry and pink grapefruit jam, not to mention some pink grapefruit and vanilla marmalade that rocks.

Work wise, life has been good, I have had regular calls and we seem back to normal.

That’s about it for this month.

Hope you will all join me for next month’s wild activity, don’t forget it’s not too late to jump on a magick carpet and go for a wild ride!


I swear they just keep popping out at me!

Another amazing give away going on till tomorrow, hopefully you will all swing over to My Stamping Haven to see her very generous offering.

So much has been going on!

Well, I was surprised by all the folks who signed up for my giveaway!

Hopefully you’ll stick around and be my guests for a while.

Today was a day where much should have happened but very little did, so tomorrow will be ultra busy.

We have grafting to do as well as planting, but to plant we must do a compost run.

I did pick up jam jars for Sunday, however I have rethought my recipe, therefor must pick up supplies for that by Sunday morning.

Sunday will be the local make and take as well as jam day, did I mention cleaning house, and oh yes I want to bake some bread tomorrow too.

All that and it was a full moon, in Leo no less!

Here is a post by Jacqueline on that very subject…

Stay tuned for Unstoppable vs Immovable – Round 2 , I’ll send it out Fri. or Sat.
If you’re on FaceBook, become a fan of the ‘flash!

pssssssssssssssst………astrospirit!………pass it on……………..

AstroFlash! Leo Full Moon   January 29, 2010  10:18 pm PST
Saturn Square Pluto – Unstoppable vs Immovable, Round 2  January 31
Imbolc   February 2

Sun’s brilliance shines through Full Moon’s light,
bright mirror of generosity and pride,
radiant self love and liberation for all.
The dark side is pushy, demanding Me Me Me!
Polarity of heated exuberance and cool detachment,
Head and heart au contraire.

Relationship dynamics are pushed and polarized.
Love and hate are aroused, stormy, raw, volatile.
Harmony and aggression in direct opposition.
Sparks ignite flames of frustration
from wheels that have been spinning
without traction for too long.
Open arms scorched by the fire,
singing Give Peace a Chance.

Full Moon and midwinter coincide.
Creative boost, sacred flame.
Passion of purification,
rites of renewal.
The days grow longer,
our seeds are quickening.
Extinguish the old fire,
light the new!

Every Full Moon has it’s tension and this one is magnified severalfold. It is so very, very complex…

Mars retrograde is conjunct the Moon and both are opposite Venus conjunct Sun.
Charged axis of Yin and Yang.
Creativity inflamed, but challenged.
Passion and desire runs high,
both repelling and magnetizing attraction.
We are learning about being dialed in with what makes us tick while recognizing the importance of the larger whole of relationships, community and humanity. Consider that this lunation is the culmination of the recent Solar Eclipse. We are in a very significant wave of change. Relationships, finances, home, career and life goals – you name it – we’re shaking down the essentials. Which brings me to the other significant player in this drama:

the second passage of Saturn square Pluto November 15, 2009 – January 31, 2010 – August 21, 2010
Tests and limitations
Choices that have to be made.
Duty and responsibility for the long term.
Collective turning point
reality overhaul
cathartic initiation.
Deep structural renovation.
Conflict and confrontation pushes to extremes,
destabilizing equilibrium.

Refining and defining authority and power,
careful negotiations strengthen diplomacy.
Perseverance, resourcefulness and cooperation empowered.
Our allies are discipline, kindness and accepting responsibility.

Reread AstroFlash! Unstoppable vs Immovable – who wins?
and a new issue Unstoppable vs Immovable – Round 2
will follow very soon.

~ Leo Mega Full Moon Contemplations and Actions ~
How may I reignite my creative fire for change and release the fears that weigh me down?
Where do I need to focus my energy to make the change?

If I were…

…a OWOH give away what would I be?

You might want to be thinking about this, details to come.

The times they are a-changing

Yes folks, having been, using this blog format for almost a month straight I am realizing why I hadn’t been posting much lately. It isn’t for lack of things to post I assure you, or even focus or direction. No instead it’s the lack of flexibility in the WordPress format.

Sure, it will let me post pictures, but doesn’t like embedding video, and I would love to use more video. Further my husband wants to have an online gardening site/blog which would probably make many of my posts on the subject a bit redundant. So I am asking you folks who read my little slice of life what you think about where I should go?

I was at blogger, the video was fine, yet it didn’t like uploading my pictures (any online junk I pulled down was OK, just none of my own pics). Then I came here, to the land of no video. What, oh what, should I do?

Nature, such a manyfold wonder…

Finding Jimmy Hoffa…


Today was a really exciting day in the yard. We potted the blueberries with some more strawberries in their pots.

We put rooting powder on our figs and pomegranates, and found some nice dark places for them to sprout.

Then we pruned the peach tree and sprayed it for fungus.

Finally, we pulled up some brick work in the hope of planting the pineapple guava.

This is where things got truly exciting.

We took out the bricks, followed by the “brick dust”.

Then there was a sand and stone layer that was deeper than usual.

After that Pup thought he’d dig the hole which is when he started finding…

Several large chunks of concrete (hence the title of this post).

Ultimately the hole did get dug, however, we were both too tired to plant the tree today, maybe tomorrow.

Today was the scion exchange

We picked up some bud wood for plums, peaches, cherimoyas, avocados, figs and grapes.

Then we came home and planted a Stanely Prune we picked up yesterday.

Looking forward to plum jam!

The seas turned black as boiling tar

We set the sails and hauled our oars
heading for the gods alone know where
in the whale’s wake we left our shores
heading for the gods know where.
We steered the winds that Asgard sent
heading for the gods alone know where
and the waves did rave without relent
heading for the gods know where.
So heave me heroes, heave and haul
Valhalla hails thee, one and all.
Clash of salt-crests, foamed and flew
heading for the gods alone know where
hail and hoar-frost hacked our crew
heading for the gods know where.
The Albatrosses in the sky
heading for the gods alone know where
like Valkeyries where the vanquished lie
heading for the gods know where.
So heave me heroes, heave and haul
Valhalla hails thee, one and all.
No time to dream of your fond farms
heading for the gods alone know where
nor to dwell upon your lady’s charms
heading for the gods know where.
The mighty Midgard-serpent’s tail
heading for the gods alone know where
did writhe, and rise up like a flail
heading for the gods know where.
So heave me heroes, heave and haul
Valhalla hails thee, one and all.
The seas turned black as boiling tar
heading for the gods alone know where
and shadow-shrouds obscured our star
heading for the gods know where.
Then maggot-mouths munched on our hull
heading for the gods alone know where
as we drifted in this lurid-lull
heading for the gods know where.
So heave me heroes, heave and haul
Valhalla hails thee, one and all.
And as if this destiny was planned
heading for the gods alone know where
eventually we sighted land
heading for the gods know where.
So heave me heroes, heave and haul
Valhalla hails thee, one and all.

And in the midst of the tempest…

The apple bloomed!

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