Spring break!

Sunday night we got our first cactus blooms of the season…

(Yes I know we still need to weed, but have you ever tried weeding a cactus full of crab grass?)


This was the same day that we visited our friends Tony and Joann for her birthday party and on the way back visited with Fred and Ariel in Rainbow (yes there’s a town in California called Rainbow and best of all they grow Avocados there). As well as loading us up with Avocados we were gifted with cherimoyas (similar to sapote, but different)


and oodles of grapefruit along with passion fruit fresh off of the vine.


In our gardening news Puppy has been busy with our “crop circle”.

Remember when I planted these guys a couple of weeks ago?


In went the tomatoes too…


Note those handy dandy terra cotta hose repellent designed to not let your hose crush your plants as you water the far side of the circle.

As you can imagine we are starting peas, and in anticipation he built a frame for them…


Our blueberries are beginning to plump up…


and the ladybugs continue to delight…


Yes folks, it’s been busy here, and I’m sure it will continue for a while, get ready for lot’s of luscious postings from the yard.


1 Comment

  1. rose mary said,

    August 3, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Gorgeous pics Lis!!!!

    Will PhoneXX

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