General Update!


The Outlaws rolled into town on Tuesday.

Wednesday:- Pops showed Puppy how to organize outdoors wiring,3 “friends” RSVP’d for the following day, I shopped some more and  began to cook.

Thursday:- Cooked some more, two of the RSVP’s flaked, we ate and had a great time.

Over the next couple of days the folks puttered about and then went home and we did some gardening.

Last week I didn’t work, we looked at an investment property and I meditated on my resume while waiting to hear if work was able to get me back full time (jury’s still out). The Outlaws, sadly, had to put down their cat who was older than dirt, so there will be no Ashy at the tree this Christmas.

This weekend Puppy helped our friend move, we didn’t make the art sale in Claremont but did see Cheech and Chong in LA last night.

Today I helped a friend make a cloak and cleaned the hot tub.

Tomorrow, who knows!


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