Astroflash…Saturn opposite Uranus November 4, 2008 – July 26, 2010

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Saturn opposite Uranus November 4, 2008 – July 26, 2010

Break up, break out
resistance, fear and inertia.
Break down, break loose,
lock down, authority, control,
drastic change, traditions disrupted.
Rebellion, collapse, chaos.
to what’s new.

—the tension of polarities—-
new order and old patterns, customs and cultural forms
risk and safety
freedom and commitment
restlessness and complacency
confrontation and restraint
spontaneity and rigidity
liberation and repression
insanity and sobriety
originality and conformity
tolerance and resistance

We are at a threshold of new social, religious and cultural order.The threshold is a process which lasts about 2 years. The changes are at once swift as well as frustratingly slow. The crises we face awakens us to the broaden our perspective of our collective, the larger whole of which each one of us is a part. Reassessment, coming to terms with responsibility and commitment and the roles we assume in our relationships, social and professional lives. Evolving maturity, seeking resolution. Bright ideas, innovation, technology. Contradiction. Laughter. New creative force. Lightening in the dark. Conflict and struggle. Revolution.

The Saturn – Uranus cycle spans approximately 45 1/2 years. The last time this aspect occurred was 1964-1967. Major transformations of social order and customs. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Johnson wins the presidential election by a landslide. Protests against the Vietnam War. The Beatles first tour of the USA. Widespread experimentation with mind-altering substances. “The sexual revolution”. That just skims the surface! Fascinating and complex for the generation born during that time that are now experiencing major upheaval and reconfiguration in their lives.

Our allies are the willingness to change, innovation, practicality, resourcefulness and compassion. Breakthrough to what’s new!

~ Contemplations and Actions ~
What possibilities or opportunities are opening in my life?
Do I hold resentment that prevents my willingness to change?
How do I live with instability?
How may I awaken and redefine my relationship to this world?

Exercise your right to VOTE on November 4.
California VOTE NO on 8 – Keep discrimination out of the California Constitution!

Contact your elected officials today and urge them to say NO to Monsanto’s dirty money!


Meditation with Tibetan Bowls at Wilbur Hot Springs
November 3 & 4 10:30am
Simple meditations focusing on breath and the sounds of the Tibetan bowls in the quiet sanctuary of Wilbur.
We’ll meet in the Library. No charge for Wilbur Hot Springs guests.
If you’re interested in attending, it is necessary to arrange a reservation. (530) 473-2306
I will also be available for Individual Sound Healing and tarot readings.


“Thank you again for an amazing, high-caliber, and extremely insightful reading.
I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and getting your insights.
All in all, a highly valuable experience for me, and I really appreciate you and everything you brought to it.
I can’t tell you how much guidance and strength I have drawn from our reading back in late December 2007!
I refer to your tape often.” A N


Your Story in the Sky… I am available for consultation by phone or in person.
When writing the flash, I look at the big picture and condense what I see and understand
into a brief perspective that I hope is useful to the many who read it.
I am able to offer deeper, more detailed and personal information when reading an individual astrological chart.

Jacqueline Lasahn
Intuitive Astrologer and Ritualist 510-524-4281
Astroflash! from AstroSpirit is a cosmic tidbit of astropoetic perspective from the celestial buffet.
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Copyright © 2008 Jacqueline Lasahn. All rights reserved”


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  1. tiger said,

    November 5, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    this is great info on Saturn/Uranus. thanks Cat!

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