Turning the page…

I know that I have been less than attentive to this journal since I began it last month, however I’m hoping to get it back on track now that the winter has begun to creep in. I’m hoping for Tea on Tuesdays and maybe even a new section for my would be collection of tea plates, I’m not sure about the books if you have a preference to know what’s on my book shelves speak now or forever hold your peace. Knitting may be a Monday treat, I’m thinking of returning to my Friday and Saturday internet vacation Wednesday I knit so I won’t be posting then, maybe a Sunday gardening post and a Thursday house post, who’s to say, we’ll see I suppose. 

Hope you all had a happy hallows, I’m off to a Day of The Dead celebration tonight so I will leave you with a photo of a recent memorial for two old friends I lost this year.



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